Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Ankara Treaty, signed 1963, gives Turks the rights to live and work in Britain

Found at the web site of Dr James P Wickstrom.

Replies from government regarding complaints about Turks operating in U.K, undercutting British businesses, have revealed the existence of a treaty signed by the EEC before we joined, in Ankara in 1963 - the Ankara Treaty. This treaty is binding on us. In short the citizens of a Muslim country 70 million population have legal access to work here, in general and self employment. Our MP's and everyone l have spoken to, have never heard of it. Have a look on the net, the consequences of our link to this unknown treaty are staggering.

Investigating the Ankara Agreement, it shows that expansion, harmonisation, customs union and mass migration were always built-in to the European project. Turkey was, in effect, a part-member of the EEC, before Britain.

Turkey was a founder member of the Council of Europe, which created the European Convention on Human Rights, yet Turkey is politically repressive and has a history of large-scale human rights abuse, including widespread torture, disappearances and death squads. This suggests that Europe's commitment to political freedom was superficial, false and never intended to be effective.


A most concise and informative article on this serious matter can be found at the National Front web site: http://www.national-front.org.uk/turks.htm

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