Sunday, 23 May 2010

Have rope, will travel.

British Hangmen 1850-1964

Where are they now we need them...

This is a repeat of a post from 2007. Seemed like a good idea to post it again.

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Anonymous said...

yes i would be happy to take on their role. bring back the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

With a legal system as corrupt then as it is now,i bet they never hanged an innocent person.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Such people were tried by a properly convenend court and found guilty by a jury of their peers. They suffered the penalty demanded by the law of the land and by God which is death. Where such crimes go unpunished and the shedding of blood unavenged the whole land lies defiled and the all people therein.

Where we fail to punish wrongdoers we are by default complicit in their crime. WE have condoned it by our own acquiescence and by omission of action.

If they were wrongly convicted their blood is upon the jury NOT the system. Again the law of the land and that of the All Mighty are clear and unequivocal in that the jury should hang.

Today we have seen the law of the land, trial by jury and the law of God replaced by Corpus Juris, wherein there is no longer even any presumption of innocence and the mechanisms are in place to resume executions of people regardless of innocence or guilt but on mere hearsay.

What shall it be then?, conviction based upon nought but hearsay or upon evidence placed before a jury?. Or do we continue to let the guilty go free and punish the victim?.

I am in favour of letting the guilty go unpunished but only upon the condition that we hang a liberal in their stead. But for their crazed pernicious ideologies such crimes would have been exponged from our land long ago, together with those with the propensity to commit them..

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Anonymous said...

More likely their blood is on the hands of the judge and the prosecution,who dismissed or witheld evidence that would clear them!

ps It has always been a corupt system!