Sunday, 23 May 2010

Murder for sale on TV – Abortion to be advertised

The first abortion commercial on British television is to be broadcast next week - in defiance of concerns from family groups and church leaders.

The Marie Stopes organisation, which receives an estimated £30million a year from the NHS to carry out abortions, is behind the controversial advert. Angry campaigners claimed that Marie Stopes is taking advantage of a loophole in advertising regulations.

Yesterday they called on the Advertising Standards Authority to ban the commercial until there is a proper public debate on whether it should be allowed. They also warned Channel 4, which has agreed to broadcast the ad, that it should not take sides in the debate.

'Channel 4, as a publicly-funded broadcaster, needs to reassure people that it is not going to take sides on one of the most controversial issues in British culture,' said Simon Calvert, of The Christian Institute.

He added: 'the public and Parliament is split right down the middle on this. Why on earth can't the regulator stop the advertising of abortion services on TV until there has been proper consideration?'

Marie Stopes should not be allowed to 'ride roughshod over the widely held and deeply felt objections of a very large section of the British public', said Mr Calvert. Clinics which make a profit from carrying out abortions are banned from advertising their services on TV.

However, a loophole means that Marie Stopes, a 'not for profit organisation', is not subject to the same restrictions. The ad will be screened for the first time at 10.10pm on Monday during a new, live show - The Million Pound Drop - presented by Davina McCall.

The commercial will then run throughout June. While the first showing of the ad is after the 9pm watershed, the organisation that pre-vets TV ads, Clearcast UK, has not imposed any restrictions on the time of day it can be aired.

Marie Stopes carries out 65,000 abortions a year. It receives fees estimated at more than £30million from the NHS to provide 80 per cent of these as well as other services.

I would think People will be shocked to know how much public money is given to Marie Stopes to carry out abortions for the NHS. However they will be more shocked to know that some of that money is being used to promote the pro-abortion agenda.

This is wrong, obscene, sick and immoral it should not be allowed to be aired. We must complain in great numbers we cannot allow our moral decency to be degraded and dismissed by state indoctrination and leftist agenda’s.

If you feel as angry as I do then complain here, show channel4 how you feel and demand that this sick advert is not shown. Complete channel4’s online form here.

Viewer Enquiries is open from 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday and from 10am to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday (Bank Holidays 10am to 6pm) on 0845 076 0191 or you can write to them at:

Channel 4 Enquiries
PO Box 1058
Belfast BT1 9DU

The National Front is pro life and opposes this advert and the ideology behind it. Life is not for sale and should not be for sale, it is precious and worth protecting.

Tom Linden.

NB: A quarter of a million children are murdered in Britain every year. Aborticide is big business. The children are broken up for spares and for use in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, bio warefare and genetic experimentation etc etc etc... ad nauseam.

The global figure per annum is estimated at 46,000,000. To put that into perspective, that is almost the entire population of Norway wiped out each month or TEN TIMES OVER each year.

The over population myth: If all the people in the world stood shoulder to shoulder they would only cover an area the size of Texas.. Fact.

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