Sunday, 9 May 2010

That was the week that was..

What a week it's been while I was away. The BNP utterly trounced at the polls, the BNP web site taken down by Simon Bennett amid allegations of copyright theft, corruption and threats of violence against him and his familly by the Gi££inistas. Unilever consider suing the BNP for, again, copyright infringement over the Marmitegate affair. The list goes on. I tell, you Bian Rix couldn't have written a better farce than this.

Well I'm off for a well deserved beer or two and catch up on the rest of the news. Meanwhile why dont you shred that BNP membership card and click on the image below and join a REAL Nationalist party. It's only £11 and you will be among true friends.....

PS: I notice the Green Arrow has removed my link from his site, so I have reciprocated and removed his link from mine. Oh well.... By their fruits ye shall know them.

Was it something I said?.

Pip pip

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