Saturday, 29 May 2010

Just no end to the begging..

The endless jewing for money by the BNP continues unabated with Griffin / Dowson's latest money making scheme, the Campaigns Executive.

"We urgently need your financial backing to establish the Operations Centre as soon as possible. We need to purchase desks, computers, new software packages, telephone systems, and a whole multitude of smaller items all the way down to standing clipboards, bins and maps.

It is an ambitious plan, but we cannot establish our new elections machine without your help, and this must be done immediately.

Thanks to you, we have already established highly efficient administration centres in Belfast and Nuneaton, and look at the huge benefits these operations have brought to the Party. Now we need to establish our political headquarters, bringing all the key officers together, in order to coordinate and centralise, to the highest standards, our elections winning machine.

It is only with your help that we can do this. If you can spare £100, £50, £20 or even £10 it will ALL help immensely

The BNP is no different from any other so called political party and that immutable fact is underscored by this one point alone. Just like the LibLabCon, the BNP's (under Griffin) answer to everything is to throw other peoples money at it. The BNP is now nothing but another profit driven corporate fascist entity masking it's self as a political party. The forthcoming sackings and demotions that are on the horizon in order to replace less than acquiescent staff with more compliant 'team' players with further prove this.

I wonder if they have registered BNP.UKPEOPLE.CON for the new Campaigns Executive web domain. They should.....

Don't pay scum like Gri££in and Dow$on one more penny. Instead join a TRUE nationalist party. Join the National Front TODAY.

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Anonymous said...

jefferson has never won or likely to win any elections. gri££in & dowson are nothing more then a pair of cowboy's. they have got nothing to do with genuine nationalist poltic's. why don't they both **** off.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

They should do the same as the rest of us have to do. Get a job and pay for it themselves. Typical bone idle sponging fat arse politicians.

Tell me how the BNP are any different from LibLabCon. Go on, tell me.......

Pip pip