Monday, 10 May 2010

Bob Bailley, won't you please go home.

British National Party London organiser Bob Bailey has warned party activists not to be taken in by a wave of fake hate emails, whispering hate campaigns, hate, and false hateful propaganda disguised as internal dissent and hatred.

“A hateful hate campaign of hate has been launched against the BNP by our increasingly hysterical hateful enemies as they start to realise that despite the far left’s best hate filled efforts, the BNP vote not only held up in the election but actually increased overall,” Mr Bailey said.

Rumors that we lost all our council seats and got hammered in the General Election are hateful as well as bollox, we got 200 new councilors and 20 MP's and anyone who says otherwise is full of hate and is the Anti-Christ Bailey said.

“Today an hateful email purporting to be from myself attacking the party leader with hate was widely circulated amongst the crank hate web blogs,” Mr Bailey said. “The hateful email is completely fabricated hate and untrue hatred. Everyone knows that despite some setbacks, the BNP’s vote has increased across the board. “Party members must be on their guard against hate and our hateful enemies who are trying to sow hate and dissension with hate, fake rumours and hateful lies,” he said.

“There was another hateful email doing the rounds today supposedly from Nick Griffin which was also fake,” The idea the Nick takes it up the Gary Glitter is utterly proposterous and filled with hate Mr Bailey added.

In an act of unspeakable hate and treason against all the hardworking BNP activists, candidates and donors, the BNP website was hatefully destroyed two days before polling day by the previous hate filled technical web master, the hateful Simon Bennett.

Mr Bennett took down the site and replaced it with pages of personal hatred and bile against the BNP’s business manager and various other crooks and spivs. There was no justification for this hateful behaviour except for the triffling thing about stealing his work and threatening Mr Bennett and his familly with physical violence. It was grossly unfair and hatefull on all BNP supporters for Mr Bennett to take out his personal hate filled problems on all the gullible planks who had sacrificed so much money to Nick Gri££in in his failed election campaign.

The hateful nature of his hate filled attack and the hateful timing thereof — just before the election and clearly designed to inflict maximum hate and damage on the BNP — indicates that there is substantially more hate to this hate filled matter than meets the eye.

Further details of hate will be revealed during the upcoming series of legal actions which have already been launched against the hater Mr Bennett for damages suffered as a result of his hateful, spiteful and hatefully vindictive actions and which the membership will have to cough up even more money to fund. We are drafting more begging letters as I speak.

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