Sunday, 23 May 2010

If the BNP were a horse we would shoot it.

The calls for a change in leadership are growing and echoing far and wide but the problem is that even if we had a new party chairman and constitution tomorrow, the membership is so full of liberal self loathing arse tunnellers it honestly wouldn't make any difference to the future of our nation or that of our children and grandchildren.

So pant pissingly fearful of being branded racist they have abandoned the principles of racial nationalism in favour of cultural or 'civic' nationalism. When your race has dwindled from half the global population to single figures in percentage terms over the last century and is not even breeding at a sufficient level to sustain it's current level, without even taking into account the 200,000 aborticides each year. Please explain to me of what benefit are cultral persuits are when you are staring down the barrel of extinction?.

Not only has the BNP harboured a corrupt and incapable management for the last decade, it has allowed totally the wrong calibre of people to join. As Churchill is quoted as once saying "the best argument against democracy is a five minute convesation with the average voter."

The BNP is morribund and nothing can now change it or save it. If the BNP were a horse we would shoot it.

Join the National Front.

Pip pip

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