Monday, 2 March 2009

Bend Over White Man... (again).

Labour’s Work and Pensions Secretary James Parnell has announced a policy of ensuring that ethnic minorities and other favoured groups will receive special treatment to protect them from the worst effects of the economic depression. Of course, no such special consideration will be accorded to ordinary British people who have contributed to Britain all their lives.

Mr Parnell indicated that hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money will be poured into finding jobs for members of non-white communities.

Labour is to work with Trevor Phillip’s absurdly mis-named “Equality & Human Rights Commission” to assess the impact of the recession on ethnic minorities and other groups and to determine whether these groups are suffering disproportionately in the recession.

In fact, there is no evidence that the economic depression is disproportionately affecting ethnic communities, as Mr Parnell was himself forced to concede in his speech. “In this recession”, he said, “the evidence so far is that its effects, however painful, are being spread across the population more evenly. But we will not take any chances”.

Mr Parnell’s pledge of special aid for ethnic minorities came on Sunday in a speech to Labour’s “Black and Minority Ethnic Conference” in Leicester. In spite of diligent research, we have been quite unable to find any indication that Labour intends to hold a parallel “White and Majority Ethnic Conference”. Labour, of course, ceaselessly accuses the British National Party of ‘racism’ for having the temerity to provide effective political representation for the indigenous white communities which Labour nowadays so delights in belittling and insulting.

Mr Parnell’s intervention is more bad news for ordinary working people who have been so badly betrayed by the Labour party they originally founded to represent their interests. It is yet further confirmation that Labour has abandoned any lingering pretence to represent the white working-class constituency, whose allegiance is now shifting irrevocably towards the British National Party.


May a curse be upon James Parnell and upon his house for ever and may he contract some slow, pernicious and intractable brain eating disease. May his seed fall barren... Amen.

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Anonymous said...

They can keep their rotten ill-gotten money!

Every time they say they are investing in deprived areas, what they really mean is they are giving tax-payers money to one of their representatives in that area!

They will probably open a youth club or something stupid... The people, black, white or paki never see a penny of it!