Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Jaqui Smith Honours Muslim Graffiti Artist

Labour’s Home Secretary Jacqui Smith took time out from the ongoing row over her husband’s predilection for publicly-funded pornographic videos, to attend an awards ceremony for “unsung Muslim heroes”. (Shouldn't that read 'UNSTRUNG?.. ed)

Among the prize winners, who seemingly exemplify the best and the brightest from Britain’s Muslim community, was Mohammed Ali, a Birmingham-based “graffiti artist” whose so-called “aerosol Arabic” is apparently influenced by both classical Islamic calligraphy and urban street graffiti.

Other talented “winners” at the event included:

* Mohammed Mujahid Ali, an alternative therapist, for work “improving the wellbeing and mental health of black and minority ethnic people”, and

* Reverend Gilleasbuig MacMillan, minister at St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, for “welcoming Muslims to the cathedral”.

Warning: Bwaa alert ahead.

The editor of the Muslim News, Ahmed Versi, proudly said: “We began this event nine years ago because we believed that British Muslims have a lot to offer to British society.” BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!

“The quality of nominations from our 150,000 readers show that British Muslims still have what it takes to be pioneering contributors to the common good.”

Jacqui Smith, who is currently facing a row over expenses claims that included two adult films, took to the stage to present the award and said: “Promoting dialogue and understanding is crucially important at a time when we see those on the extreme fringes of society peddling an empty ideology of isolation, fear and hatred.”

Of course there was a time, long ago, when a Home Secretary, even a Labour Home Secretary, might have been expected to express formal public disapproval of both “graffiti artists” and pornographic videos. But that was before Jacqui Smith’s New Labour government turned reason on its head and elevated the utterly contemptible for public admiration and approval.


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