Sunday, 1 March 2009

EU Advertises British Jobs in West Africa

British jobs for everyone except British people - that is the motto of the Tory- and Labour-supported European Union.

In the latest staggering betrayal of the British nation, the European Union - into which British people have been dragged whether they like it or not - has set up a new job centre in West Africa to advertise vacancies for would-be immigrants “looking for work in Europe.”

Once in the EU, these “job seekers” are naturally entitled to move anywhere they want, and no prizes are being awarded for guessing which soft-touch paradise they will descend upon to parasite off for their free bite at benefits and subsidies.

The new EU recruitment office will open in Mali’s capital, Bamako, this year. Others are planned for Senegal and Mauritania.

The EU scheme, which will cost £25 million this year and be paid from EU and member states’ budgets (i.e. yet more of your tax money) seeks to “legitimise employment and thus protect migrant workers” according the official EU announcement.

What this actually means is that British tax money is being used to subsidise Africans coming to this country to take away jobs from British people.

Amadeu Altafaj Tardio, spokesman for the EU’s development commissioner, said “tens of thousands” of migrants could use the service. Successful candidates would get average wages and be entitled to social benefits, he said.

Louis Michel, the EU development commissioner, was quoted as saying that the new job centre scheme was a “positive approach” aimed at countering the impression that migration was an “insoluble problem.”

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