Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Labour Minister Has Never Read Lisbon Treaty (but signed it anyway).

Labour’s Communist Fabian Society member & Europe Minister Caroline Flint admitted that she never read the Lisbon Treaty which she and the rest of her party have signed on Britain’s behalf.

The shocking admission came yesterday during a debate in parliament, where Ms Flint, who is Member of Parliament for Don Valley, admitted that she had “read some of it but not all of it.”

Her blubbering ignorance spurred her to try and claim that she had “been briefed on the treaty” — still lamentably poor for the person whose only cabinet job is to represent Britain in the European Union.

Ms Flint has, like her colleagues, repeatedly claimed in public that the Lisbon Treaty (which is identical to the EU Constitution over which this nation was promised a referendum) is in Britain’s interests.

For example, in a speech in the House of Commons on October 13, 2008, she said, “I believe that the Lisbon Treaty is good for the United Kingdom and good for Europe. The Lisbon Treaty provides a simpler, more streamlined EU.”

Amongst other things, the Lisbon Treaty provides for

- An EU foreign minister and EU diplomatic service which will supersede national institutions;

- It will also grant the European Court of Justice jurisdiction over key elements of criminal legislation (including arrests and sentencing);

- It will grant to the EU the right to set uniform standards for asylum seekers;

- It will abolish national vetoes and new areas where no veto will apply; and

- It will allow the EU to abolish any non-defence national veto without a new treaty.


Someone should abolish this worthless split arse..

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