Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Filth accuses innocent man of stealing his 'sunglasses'.

Police orificer Robert (Buggery) Buttery has apologised to a Mansfield MOT tester after he falsely accused him of stealing his sunglasses.

Richard Smith, who works at MOTMax in Mansfield, said the incident occurred when the off-duty Nottinghamshire police officer came to collect his vehicle after its MOT and could not find his Ray Ban shades. Mr Smith said the officer accused him of taking the sunglasses, arrested him and called for back-up.

The premises and Mr Smith were then searched by another officer for up to 40 minutes before the sun glasses were finally discovered behind the police officer's car seat. Mr Smith said he could not believe how quickly the situation escalated: "When he called for back-up I started to think I would be cuffed and led away for something I had not done.

"There were customers in the reception area when he arrested me so it was very embarrassing and I was really angry at the way he acted." Mr Smith said the officer flashed his ID badge before arresting him, ordering him to empty his pockets and hand over his van keys.

"I had nothing to hide so I gave him my keys but after 40 minutes they had found nothing so the searching officer that he had called to the garage asked if he could just double check his car.

"Five minutes later he returned with the sunglasses and said they must have fallen behind the seat which brought a smile to my face." Mr Smith said the officer then de-arrested him and "sheepishly" apologised for the misunderstanding but, the Mansfield mechanic believes the officer's actions were over the top.

"I know they have a job to do but it was just a bit silly in my eyes – it should not have happened." And managing director of MOTMax, Stefan Hopewell, said he thought it was a wind-up: "At first I was looking round for the cameras thinking it was a joke but then I saw the police officer's face and realised he was being serious.

"I guess we can laugh about it now but at the time he could have damaged our reputation." A Notts Police spokesman said: "We have received a formal complaint regarding this matter, and the incident is being looked at by the Professional Standards Department."

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Doesn't matter that Notts is like the wild west with the gunfight at the OK Corral re-enacted on a nightly basis but if piggly wiggly mislays his posh designer sunglasses there is hell to pay. Wankers....

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