Monday, 30 March 2009

Your Money is My Right says Jew MP

Communist Jew Labour MP Harry Cohen was today slammed for claiming £310,000 in expenses for a second home whilst claiming that his usual residence is a one bedroom school house and caravan.

Cohen claims that his £375,000 home in his constituency of Leyton and Wansted in East London is not his main residence. As such, he has pocketed all of the maximum £104,701 in expenses on this property in five years.

Cohen has said that he has taken the maximum amount on his “second home” since 1990, meaning that he has pocketed the obscene amount of £310,714 in expenses. This total, paid for by the tax-payer, is thought to be the largest ever claimed by an MP.

The venue where the left-wing MP claims to rest his head of a night is his small one bedroom property in Colchester, some 75 miles away from his constituency. Cohen also owns a caravan at Mersea Island in Essex, only 20 miles away from the property in Colchester.

Cohen may seem to have a strange penchant for slumming it and commuting, preferring his one bedroom residence 75 miles away from his job to his £375,000 three bedroom house which is only 9 miles away from Westminster.

But it would appear that the MP, who has a Jack Russell called Rosa who is named after German Communist revolutionary Jew, Rosa Luxemburg, often gets confused as to where to hang his hat of an evening because on his Labour website he says he “enjoys living in Leyton with Ellen, his wife . . . Harry also spends weekends with Ellen and Rosa in their static caravan.”

Under House of Common rules, an MP’s main residence is considered to be where they spend most nights of the week and Cohen fully admits that his house in Leyton is where he spends most nights. This means that the taxpayer is effectively funding the Cohen’s holiday home, which is utterly unconnected with his parliamentary duties.

Rather than showing any contrition for his financial wrangling, The Jew Cohen made the following astonishing (but unsurprising) comment: “When MP’s were given this allowance they were told, “Go and spend it boys” and this is what I have done. It is my right.”

John 8:44; Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do.

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