Tuesday, 10 March 2009

News from the Agricultural District

This is councilor Ron Fox. Ron is the Daventry Town councilor for Drayton ward in Daventry where, unbeknown to local nationalists, he attended a number of British National Party meetings in the town posing as a supporter and prospective member. However, things began to look a little suspicious early on when, according to my sources in the agricultural district, he flatly refused to endorse the local nominee for the May 2008 local elections and would not sign his nomination form.

Of course he had every right to refuse to sign the nomination form but it did cause a degree of bewilderment after appearing to be so Gun-Ho for the cause. He could of course have been simply covering his own arse but his failure to mention even in passing that he either was or that he aspired to be a serving town councilor casts grave doubt on this mans honesty and integrity

I think we know why don't we Ron?. Are you in fact an infiltrator who was on an information gathering exercise probably for the local Labour party?. Since then Ron Fox has understandably never been invited to attend another BNP meeting in Daventry.

You can find Rons profile at the Daventry Town Council website along with his contact details.

You can email Ron Fox for his reaction and comments HERE.

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