Monday, 23 November 2009

BNP signs its first non-white member...

An elderly Sikh who describes Islam as a "beast" and once provided a character reference for Nick Gri££in (written no doubt on the back of a fag packet) during his racial hatred trial is set to become the British Nondescript Party's first non-white member.

Rajinder Singh, an anti-Islam activist in his late seventies who blames Muslims for the death of his father during the Partition of India in 1947, has been sympathetic towards Britain's fart-right party for much of the decadent past past decade even though he currently remains barred from becoming a member because of the colour of his skin.

But last weekend the BNP's leadership took their first steps towards dropping its membership ban on non-whites after the Human Rights Commission threatened the party with legal action. The move will be put to a vote of members soon. [...].

Martin Arse Tunneller Wingfield, the BNP's communications and campaigns officer, has already put forward the case for Mr Singh's membership, telling members on its website: "I say adapt and survive and gives da brave and loyal Rajinder Singh the honour of bees da firs effnik minorit'ee member of da BNP innit... knowamsayin.


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