Thursday, 12 November 2009

"I Spit On Your 2 Minutes Silence" Nigerian murderer mocks war dead

AN Old Bailey murder trial descended into chaos today as a defendant shouted “I spit on your two minute silence”. A man, thought to be an ex-serviceman, had to be escorted out of the public gallery after Onochie Madekwe, of Buck Lane, Kingsbury, launched a tirade against Remembrance Sunday.

Mr Madekwe, a Nigerian national, was accusing the prosecution of a racist conspiracy against him and said barrister Brian Altman QC was part of the same establishment responsible for killing “thousands in Iraq”.

The 33-year-old, who describes himself as an anti-war campaigner, hit out at poppy day but was interrupted by cries of “they died for people like you” from the angry onlooker. As the pair yelled at each other, Mr Madekwe said: “What about the African children”.

Mr Madekwe is one of four men accused of murdering Somali student Hassan Kul Hawadleh, 19, on the forecourt of the Total Garage, in High Street, Wealdstone, on February 19. His comments came on a morning when witness Saharded Hassan, 17, told the court Mr Madekwe threatened to kill a member of Mr Hawadleh's friendship group after a fight three days earlier.

Mr Hassan told the jury Mr Madekwe said: “It won't stop until I kill one of you Somalians or one of you kills one of us.” The court has heard how the killing was the result of a feud that started on the Monday when Wasarme Guiled, Mr Hawadleh's friend, knocked a joint out of Mr Madekwe's mouth.

He was then attacked by Abdul Khan but blocked a punch and retaliated with one of his own, it is claimed. Mr Guiled then had an arranged fight with Mr Khan, which he won, and it was then it is claimed Mr Madekwe made the threat. But the defendant, who is representing himself, accused the witness of lying, saying “you're pathetic just like the rest of your group”.

Mr Hassan described Mr Madekwe as “a weird person”, having “loud, scruffy hair, trampy clothes” as well as “smelly” and “unwashed”. Mr Madekwe said: “These words are reminiscent of the words of the police officers who have arrested me over the years. “Obviously you didn't like me from day one.” The witness replied: “No, I didn't say that.”

Mr Madekwe, Abdul Khan, 19, of Enderley Road, Wealdstone, Andrew Spence, 22, of Ealing, and Michael Anthony Boyde, 37, of Willesden, deny murder. They also deny attempted murder and grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent for an alleged attack on Abdiwahab Guiled at the same time as the killing.

Mr Madekwe denies violent disorder in relation to an attack on Wasarme Guiled earlier the same evening.

The trial continues.

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