Sunday, 15 November 2009

As the BNP caves in the National Front grows stronger..

This blog has always worked hard to remain strictly non partizan with everyone and anyone, whether a group or an individual all have been considered fair game for open criticism. The events of the last 24hrs have somewhat changed that stance.... Irrevocably I am heartbroken to say.

Yesterday, Saturday 14th November was a DARK day in the annals of British Nationalism for it was on this infamous day that the British National Party, at its Annual Conference held in Wigan finally caved in to System pressure and voted to change the BNP Constitution to allow non-Whites into membership. This leaves the National Front as the only Racial-Nationalist party left in Britain. It leaves the BNP, once a solid White Nationalist party under the leadership of the late great John Tyndall, more liberal and multi-racialist than UKIP - for UKIP's stand on immigration is actually now stronger than the BNP's!

The BNP members attending this Wigan Conference were lied too on some very important issues. They were told that an Equality Act was now law which forced them to except non-Europeans into the Party. No such law exists - and the Equality BILL which they use as an excuse for this atrocious climb down to the alien dominated Westminster system IS NOT EVEN LAW! It may never become law. The Bill is stuck in the legal system and the nearest date it might become law is June 2010.

The Bill is a Frankenstein mish-mash of current 'anti-discriminatory' legislation, and contains nothing new. The NF have examined this Bill (not LAW!) in details and cannot see any relevancy to political parties and/or associations. It is just a propaganda tool of the crypto-Marxist Harriet Harman to pool all the nonsensical and PC 'anti-discrimination' laws already in existence into one new law. There is NOTHING new in it. See for yourself at

The trigger for the collapse of the main BNP principles on race was an attack by Trevor Phillip's EHRC, under existing Race Relations legislation which supposedly makes it illegal to have a political party whose membership is closed to certain sections of our community - despite the fact that there exists a Blacks' only party, The Ligali Party - registered with the Electoral Commission and recent research has revealed that:-

"An independent black political party would be supported by 45 per cent of the black community in Britain, research published this week will reveal.

The Black Community Report , a national survey by the Peoplescience Intelligence Unit, has found that black people in the UK believe an "ethnic" party would improve their lives and their prospects.

The findings, based on interviews with more than 2,100 people over the age of 16, will be a blow to mainstream political parties, sending a clear message that black people do not believe the established parties are doing enough for them."

Muslims too have their own "Muslim Parliament of Great Britain". Added to this there is an enormous number of ethnics only Associations and groups - many funded by the Government. There was a wide and ample scope for the BNP leadership to fight off this politically motivated challenge. It would not have bankrupted the BNP. The only reason the BNP incurred court costs was initially Griffin changed his legal representation at the original hearing and the judge (who indicated he could see a strong case for the BNP if they fought the EHRC) had to award costs against the BNP - it is but no means certain that if the BNP HAD fought the action - which they did not - Griffin not even turning up in court on the day - that they would have lost. Instead though, Griffin instructed the BNP's solicitors to immediately give and undertaking to CAVE IN to the EHRC's outrageous demands.

Now listen to this -

This was broadcasted yesterday on BBC Radio 5 live, Griffin interviewed by Rachel Burden, it starts approx 1.40 into the show. Do you welcome a broader spectrum of members into your party? : " Yes I do, it's something we have been debating for years and moving towards." " to have members of loyal assimilated minorities in the party will help." Will Black Muslim, Black British citizens be welcome? "Yes sure." Is it true that the EHRC forced this on you? " To an extent."

Here's the link

The comments from some of the newer neo-Con members on the BNP website are quite horrific for White Nationalists and show that the CAVE IN is supported by the new super-Tories who now infest the BNP. Read the comments on this link Unbelievable from a once true racial-nationalist party.

The National Front remains total in its commitment that it has every right to be a representative for the White people of Britain when every other ethnic group has this facility.

For those who think that the NF Constitution needs to be changed have not read the NF Constitution. It is phrased in such a way that we believe that the EHRC could not bring such an attack. The NF will not CAVE IN even if this happens. Sure we have more limited resources but any attempt to force non-Europeans into the Front will be fought tooth and nail right to the Human Rights Court. Some prominent NF members have already made it clear that they will face prison rather capitulate - should it ever come to it. Are we any less dedicated to our great Cause than the murderers of the IRA who starved themselves to death rather than accept non-political status in prison? Are British Nationalists so luke warm as to be shown up by IRA murderers in their commitment to a cause? What a sad admission indeed!

The National Front now makes an urgent call to all TRUE British Nationalists within the BNP to stop fooling themselves. They are now bona fide members of a MULTI RACIAL party! They should follow their consciences are JOIN THE NATIONAL FRONT - The only party for the White people of Great Britain!

The late John Tyndall - did he found and fight for a BNP that has ended its days like this?

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JPT said...

This move is inevitable for the BNP as they seek legitiacy and mainstream acceptance.
Do they want power or do they wish to remain a private members talking shop? Power.
But is the move to accept non whites a genuine change of heart (which you, Colonel, obviously fear it is) or a political ploy?
Two years ago I was at a speech made by Nick Griffin in which he told BNP activists that the BNP MUST remain an ethno nationalist party and must NEVER become a civic nationalist party.
Politics is at work here I think...

British Nationalist said...

I have no problem with the National Front siphoning off the last racial nationalists remaining within the BNP.

It has not been a racial-nationalist organisation for a long time. Ethno-nationalist, which is different.

Obviously, I am one of these neo-con BNP'ers that you like so much.Hmm, I must be common purpose and probably Jew too.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

If any one leader would stand firm on what they initially profess, to be for the white folk who have little or no say,
rather than fold to the popular status quo when the fire gets hot ... I believe even more people would rise up to stand behind them.

Everyone is gun shy though, for this is always the modus operandi they operate under. Big talk, compromise, capitulate.

Same old shit - different day.

Joy said...

You are so right Jeff. I am so sick and tired of people backing down from pressure, intimidation, censure and threats. Stand your ground! You are only given one life on this earth, let it stand for something grand instead of mediocre.