Sunday, 1 November 2009

Asda insults Hope for Heroes mum

Mother of three Beth Hoyle claims an Asda till worker refused to serve her because she was wearing a wristband backing injured troops.

Beth says the Asian checkout lad told her the band for "Help for Heroes" meant she supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And when she complained to a supervisor, he BACKED the Asian youth, saying he was entitled to his view.

Beth, 40, who has two brothers in the services, said the checkout worker told her he didn't want to serve her because of "what she was wearing." Shocked Beth, of Whitworth, Greater Manchester, said that at first she thought the youth at Asda's Rochdale store meant a cross round her neck.

"He pointed to my Help for Heroes wristband and accused me of supporting the war. I told him it was nothing to do with the war, but about supporting our injured troops. "I immediately complained to a supervisor, but he said it was his right not to serve me. I was disgusted."

An Asda spokeswoman said they were "shocked" by the claims but had found no evidence that the incident happened in their store. She added: "We are big supporters of the Help for Heroes campaign and we sell the pin badges and wristband in hundreds of our stores."

Well somebody - somewhere wants sacking so why not start with the bastard on the checkout and the anti-British arse tunneller of a supervisor!

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