Tuesday, 24 November 2009

News from the agricultural district.

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My good friend The General sent this interesting picture from his locale deep within the agricultural district.

To be precise the location is said to be St James Street Daventry Northamptonshire, just a stones throw across the road from the St James Primary school from where these little children are said to have come. The picture is from a phone so not very good quality and the distance was as close as he could get without drawing attention to himself.

If you look carefully you will in fact two groups of children, the other being further down the road where another yellow jacketed WPC can just be seen. The two groups comprised of about six to eight primary school children with several teachers in attendance, one male police officer and one WPC.

What you cannot see and therefore it has been indicated by the arrow is the little girl in the red coat holding the SPEED CAMERA. (Click the image for an enlarged version)

The death of innocence. The marxist filth running this country are now brainwashing little children to do their dirty work for them....

Pip pip

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