Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Diversity, on it's way to you....

Denmark saw it's 5th consecutive night of widespread riots, arsons, and anti-violence by immigrant gangs. Few outside of Denmark have even heard about what is going on. Thugs, mostly the children of some of the North African and Sub-Sahara African immigrants, have been on a vandalism and arson spree in several cities.

When police and firefighters respond they are attacked by the gangs. France has seen weekly race riots for two years now and they are spreading across Western Europe. Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Scotland, England, and Holland have also seen race riots.

Widespread violence against white people has occurred in Scandinavia and Italy as well, with some members of the immigrant minorities committing the majority of crime in many cities. The media almost always calls the perpetrators 'youths' and never shows pictures of the people arrested. The media, especially the US media, goes to great lengths to conceal the explicit racial nature of the rioting.

Several American News outlets, including Time Magazine, have deemed the current rioting in France as 'White Riots' because a portion of the rioting is by Marxist and Anarchist gangs whose members are extreme-left wing whites. Mostly the spoiled brat children of wealthy liberals who attend Universities in Paris.

These same media outlets have been deliberately omitting the race of African and Arab rioters in France for the past two years. African and Arabs are referred to as 'youths' but now the same media outlets are gleefully identifying the race of white rioters.

The reality is that several hundred violent white leftists who supported Socialist candidate Royal rioted and clashed with police in Paris Sunday night. About 100 were arrested. Since Sunday, France has seen three straight nights of rioting.

Riots taking place in the suburbs of Paris and other French cities are being carried out by immigrant gangs. In Grigny, a Paris suburb, immigrant gangs torched a public nursery school and threw Molotov cocktails at Police. One officer was injured. Over 1300 cars have been torched during the three nights. Mostly in heavily immigrant areas.

France, which is plagued with race riots, sees an average of 112 cars torched each day by some African and Middle Eastern immigrants. According to the Irish Times, 50,000 French Riot police 3,000 just in Paris are standing by and the military has been put on red alert to quell potential violence by some African and Arab gangs.

You probably won't see this in the US media (just like you never see the race riots in France, UK, Spain, etc.), but blacks rioted and attacked whites in the French Caribbean Island of Guadalupe.

A few days ago blacks began setting fires in white neighborhoods and battling with French police. Yesterday there were several attempts at murdering French police and the French government is sending reinforcements. BBC International showed footage of blacks rioting, setting up roadblocks, and torching cars in affluent white neighborhoods.

The next scene shows white people surveying the damage and cleaning up the mess. Other scenes show immigrants in physical battles with French police in riot gear It has just hit the news that rioting by immigrant gangs as well as French Marxists have begun. 1,000s of immigrant gang members are battling police in the cities of Paris and Lyon. Fortunately there was some honest news published in Norway. French style race riots spread to Sweden in 2005 and have continued ever since.



Perhaps it's time to prepare as sticking our heads in the sand will solve nothing.

Tom Linden..

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