Sunday, 1 November 2009

Army stand guard at Harlepool Cenotaph

POLICE have devised an innovative way to combat anti-social behaviour around a war memorial - they have drafted in the army. Youths regularly congregate the Cenotaph in Hartlepool to drink and cause a nuisance but soldiers from the Queen's Royal Lancers are spending the day teaching them to respect the memorial. The Cenotaph has been the focal point for vandalism and anti-social behaviour in the town, especially during the weekends.

Inspector Tony Green of Hartlepool Police said: "This kind of behaviour is despicable and totally disrespectful to our war heroes. We have tried various approaches to tackling incidents from engagement to penalties, all of which work to a certain degree, but as yet have not resulted in a complete end to the damage. "We are committed to cracking down on anti-social behaviour and criminal damage around the Cenotaph and we have now decided to adopt a new and unique approach by bringing in soldiers who have firsthand experience of fighting for our country. "It's hoped that by speaking to the soldiers, the young people will learn about the difference that our war heroes make to our lives and in-turn will be inspired to think twice about their behaviour around the Cenotaph." The soldiers will be at the Cenotaph tomorrow from noon.

Captain Christopher Kierstead, of the Queen's Royal Lancers, added: "Each name on the Cenotaph represents someone's son or daughter who has died for this country. By engaging with the young people of Hartlepool, we hope we can explain what the memorial means to us, why it is so important and why everyone should respect it. "We are delighted to be able to help the police in dealing with this problem. Our soldiers coming to Hartlepool have firsthand experience of operations and are can bring to life what this means to so many of us.

The present generation are the first to not have a direct link to either of the First or Second World War and we can provide that link." This is the second visit the soldiers have paid to the Cenotaph in Hartlepool, the first being last weekend when they met several young people.

How sad that British youth think it is OK to damage a memorial to those who died for OUR country. How sad that their parents and schools have not instilled any respect in these kids. WE have let these children down, all of us are guilty, but you know there is hope for them. If we as Nationalists can involve them in our work, somehow, if we can give them hope, respect and value in themselves the army will not be required to protect the cenotaph.
British history and British values and respect for our armed forces must be part of the school curriculum, anti-social behaviour must be breed out of our kids by example.

Some of OUR kids are wild because parents and teachers have no control over them. Bring back corporal punishment and the 3 Rs; let's get back to basics because we know they work. The National Front will not write OUR youth off as unemployable as whilst at school they will have been taught respect for their elders, parents, Teachers and society in general.

They will also be given the skills they need to get work when they leave school, we will restart valuable apprenticeship schemes that really will lead to a job as a skilled and fully trained trades person. A Nationalist School Curriculum will be in place, however you can have such a curriculum today by removing your children from this trendy left school system and home teaching, it is totally legal and they cannot stop you doing so.

Sorce: Tom Linden

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