Tuesday, 27 November 2007

You won't get him he's part of the Union

Not only was the appearance of Nick Griffin and David Irving at the Oxford Union a good day for free speech, free expression, our Nation and our Constitutional Monarchy it was a good day for academia as well. All that was truly needed was for someone to roll up the back of a three tonner and machine gun the unwashed hordes of marxist scum outside to death as would have happened when we still had a militia to enforce the rule of law, to have made it a truly Great day for our country.

(I refuse to use the term democracy since this country is not nor has it ever been a democracy, it is an Constitutional Monarchy. Democracy is a fraud. Demo cracy means Mob Rule. Democracy is but another word for socialism.)

When you reach the point where you have gangs of aliens misfits and perverts rioting and telling you what is and what is not acceptable in your own country and what can or cannot be debated in your academic institutions you have reached the point whereby you must start making harsh examples of these outlaws.

Wake the Fuck up Englishman !!.

Pip pip

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