Saturday, 24 November 2007

Enricher's busted in drug swoop

POLICE have made 21 arrests in a series of dawn raids targeting drug dealing.

Officers recovered heroin and cannabis as well as a range of suspected stolen goods including 100 mobile phones from homes across Heywood.

The raids, codenamed Operation Bluebeard, started at 6am on Tuesday when officers went to four addresses and continued early today. They were the culmination of several months of surveillance by officers targeting class A drug dealers in Heywood.

Other goods recovered and thought to be stolen included televisions and electrical items. Shotgun ammunition was also found and three cars seized.

Seven men and two women, whose addresses are in Heywood, Rochdale and Longsight, are all due to appear at Rochdale Magistrates Court today (Wednesday) charged with offences relating to the supply and possession of Class A drugs.

All the suspects were arrested under the Misuse of Drugs Act for offences relating to the possession and supply of Class A drugs.

During the raids, 100 mobile phones were seized, along with two cars and a quantity of drugs.

Detective Chief Inspector Jeff McMahon said: "I am really pleased with today's result, and I hope that it sends a clear message to those intent on plaguing their communities with drug abuse and criminal behaviour that we will not tolerate this.

"We intend to continue our efforts to target those who deal drugs and bring misery to their neighbours. We would urge anyone who has any information or suspicions about people dealing drugs in their area to get in touch with us. Today's action shows that we treat this activity very seriously, and will act on any intelligence we have to rid our communities of this kind of crime."

The following people are among those who appeared before magistrates earlier today charged with drugs offences:

* Rashid Hussain, aged 20, of Trafalgar St, Wardleworth
* Imad Ulhaque, aged 18, of Yarwell, Falinge
* Amir Javid, aged 18, of Good Shepherd Close, Wardleworth
* Mustapha Khan, aged 28, of Whitely Road, Firgrove
* Mohammed Aleem, aged 25, of Durham Street, Deeplish
* Kamram Zafar, aged 20, of High Barn Close, Merefield

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najistani said...

Evil Methodists up to their tricks again!

Never mind, we're now coming to the end of the lavishly petrodollar-funded ISLAM AWARENESS WEEK, with the 'Religion of Peace' message being proclaimed throughout our schools and colleges. Every British child now knows that 'Islam means Peace' and that Muslims cannot possibly have carried out the terrorist attacks for which they've been blamed, and they're bringing home the glossy booklets to prove it to their bigoted Islamophobic parents. Allah Akhbar!!!!

So as my own humble underfunded contribution to Islam Awareness Week, I've compiled a list of Islamically Aware blogs which allow unrestricted comments and are active as of 24-NOV-2007 . Let us go forth and share Islam Awareness throughout the blogosphere!!!

watling said...

Strange. The druggies all have Muslim names yet drugs are forbidden in Islam:

Some of the street names where the druggies live are curious:

Trafalgar St
Good Shepherd Close
Whitely Road