Monday, 19 November 2007

Cut off Israel

Watching Nick Griffin' presentation to an American audience recently it soon became clear that Griffin is probably the most eloquent and forthright man to emerge in British politics for decades. Along side Tony Benn and the late Michael Foot, both sadly dyed in the wool socialists but gifted orators and principled statesmen (when it was not an oxymoron) never the less. I have even heard Nick Griffin speak highly of Benn describing him as honourable but misguided. In all it was a most interesting and enlightening speech but I did find myself thinking toward the end of the lecture that he had to some degree either lost the plot or willfully abandoned key principles of the BNP. I also earnestly wish they had cut the Q&A segment from the end. If it was half as embarrassing for Griffin as it was for me to watch it should have been shit canned from the clip. His refutation, if true, of the suggestion that the jew Rothschild banking cartel has any invlovement in political decision making showed laughable nievety.

Perhaps it was just clever politics. I just wish he had ducked the question altogether. Thank goodness the holocaust question came at the very end and never got answered. Had I have been him I would have done a Van Morrison and slung my coat on quick and fucked off before anyone could call me back for more.

Oddly enough though, one of the areas of contention that I found in his lecture became clearer to me as I read an article at Anti entitled Cut off Israel by Charley Reese with regard to US involvement in the Middle East and the parallel with our own woefully misguided foreign policy in the region and our blind and reckless support of the bastard state of Israeli and the consequences we now live in daily fear of. Reese stated that "It is long past time for American politicians to quit carrying water for the state of Israel and its powerful U.S. lobby. Congress' craven obedience to the (Israeli) lobby is a disgrace.

America's strategic interests in the Middle East lie with the Arab countries. Israel is a strategic and economic liability. The U.S. government's slavish support of Israel brands us as a hypocrite and is responsible for most of the hostility toward the U.S.".

Substitute America for Britain and Nick Griffin' whole lecture made infinite sense all of a sudden. It seems Nick Griffin has not jumped into bed with the zionists after all and that his grasp of the issue is greater than I gave him credit for. Indeed it is irrefutable that were it not for our own "craven obedience to the (Israeli) lobby" we would not be in the situation in which we now find ourselves. There is a whole raft of ideas wherein I am totally at odds with Griffin' way of thinking but as he has often said himself "you may not agree with us on everything but the BNP is the only party representative of the interests of the native British inhabitants of this land". Of course I am paraphrasing but of that fact there can be no doubt..

You can read Charley Reece' compelling article here

And you can watch Nick Griffin' lecture on YouTube here

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najistani said...

Do you really think that our support or hostility towards Israel would change the Muslims' attitude towards us?

Yes, I know they're committed to extermination of the Jews, but they're also committed to enslavement of Christians (which probably includes me as a four-wheel Anglican)

This week we dhimmified Britons are required to celebrate a taqiyya-fest known as Islam Awareness Week . This is my contribution:

The essential and fundamental feature of Islam is a seething, vicious and implacable hatred of all non-believers (kuffars), which no amount of compromise can ever appease. Until both Joe Public and his elected representatives understand this we are defenseless, because we do not know our enemy.

Here's an excerpt from a chilling article from an ex-Muslim on why Muslims hate us and always will hate us no matter what we do.

"The Qur’an teaches Muslims not to be friendly with the non-Muslims or to trust them (1). It also advocates that the non-Muslims are the associates of Satan (2) and warns of severe punishment to those Muslims who try to be in affable terms with the non-Muslims(3). A Muslim convert must not be in congenial terms even with his non-Muslim parents (4) and he is free to murder his parents and kindred (5) if they criticise the convert’s new faith. The Qur’an says that the non-Muslims are open enemies of Islam (6). Muslims are commanded to be harsh and ruthless with them (7), to terrorise them (8), to humiliate them (9), to make war on them(10) and to murder them wherever they are found (11).

A true Muslim must follow the Qur’an in complete. Therefore, it is obligatory for him/her to dislike and distrust the non-Muslims.

Even when the unbelievers harbour no enmity or dislike towards the Muslims, they (the Muslims) must not take the unbelievers as friends and allies. The infidels’ unbelief (that is, their refusal to convert to Islam) is the main reason why Muslims must hate them.

Refusal to convert to Islam in itself is considered as an act of hostility and oppression. That is why non-Muslims are open enemies of Islam—nothing, not even their good intentions, could render them friendly towards the Muslims!"

The numbers refer to Koranic references in the original article. Read it all!