Monday, 19 November 2007

Death of the small business

Another way in which Parliament has helped damage the traditional British way of life is by aiding large corporate retailers like Sainsbury`s, Tesco`s, Dixons and Marks & Spencers to monopolise the retail industry. It therefore comes as no surprise to find that the heads of each of these companies have held influential positions within both Labour and Conservative governments. The attitudes of these organisations was summed up by an American, who claimed to have opened the very first supermarket. He said, "For instance, some foolish retailer selling shoes, would find any excuse not to sell shoe polish or boot laces. I sell everything." What this man did not understand was the Christian ethic. If a man had the wealth to own a well stocked shoe shop and trade was brisk, why should he deny a poor man from making a living selling shoe polish, laces and other sundry items?

Insatiable greed and a maniacal obsession have driven supermarket owners to a point where they now have around eighty per cent of the retail trade. The retail giants have been helped into this position, firstly by a public who now have lifestyles that have to be carried on at a rapid pace, and by Councils who have placed irritating parking restrictions in and around the smaller high street shops. Another major boost to supermarkets came when Retail Price Maintenance was abolished. That this came at a time when Edward Heath was relying on his "think tank", led by Lord Rothschild and the four supermarket supremos mentioned in the last paragraph had a major input into government strategy seems more than just a coincidence.

The removal of Retail Price Maintenance allowed for the first time wealthy entrepreneurs to buy in bulk and get goods cheap. As a result, they were able to undersell small retailers, sometimes selling at the same price as legitimate retailers were buying the goods in at. The removal of RPM also enabled supermarkets to sell specialised goods which were only previously available to genuine tradesmen. For instance Stanley Kalms who inherited his father's camera shop was unable to sell televisions or other brown goods because he was not in the television trade. He had no technical knowledge in that field and did not have a service department where a skilled staff could carry out repairs. Every trade was protected in this way. Only plumbers with a trade card could buy wholesale; the same applied to electricians and authorised car mechanics. This trade protection meant that many British family businesses could make a comfortable living, in turn these successful small operators were able to employ an army of self-employed gardeners, maintenance men and builders. Their extra wealth would also be spent on recreational activity, such as playing golf, sailing or restoring vintage cars. These activities also created employment. Once these family businesses were forced into liquidation, thousands of self-employed men and women were thrown on to the dole queues.

The introduction of VAT, a Common Market tax is an imposition which has placed a greater burden, in the way of time, on small businesses and the self-employed than it does on large corporations. Anyone who is VAT registered is acting as an unpaid tax collector. VAT inspectors have greater powers than their counterparts at the Inland Revenue. The first mentioned have the right to break into premises at any time, whereas tax inspectors have to make an appointment. VAT is nothing less than robbery. Before VAT was introduced, to help the balance of payments, and to curb inessential spending, during the post-war period, purchase tax was added to a limited number of luxury items. Such items were fur coats, perfumes and cameras. When VAT was introduced covered not only items bought, but, labour costs as well. So any unfortunate person needing his car repairing now has to pay VAT on the labour as well as the parts. What a rip-off ! VAT stands of course for Value Added Tax. What value is added to the car when it is running again? None. What value has been added to an umbrella when you have bought it? Nearly a fifth of our wages are taken in the form of VAT. It really is time that the public put its foot down regarding the whole EU confidence trick and insisted that we pull out of this tyranny.

Conservative and Labour Governments have each made life difficult for small businessmen with their ever-increasing number of petty regulations and high taxation. ( It would also seem that white businesses come in for greater scrutiny by government inspectors than those of their immigrant competitors.) New Health and Safety rules, coupled with rising costs and punitive rate increases have forced many small and mid-sized companies to close. While the demise of British businesses has taken place, Labour and Conservative governments have made a special effort to promote Asian businesses. Margaret Thatcher, sometimes wearing a blue sari, praised these Asians and attempted to recruit a good number of them into the Conservative Party. It had become clear by that time that the Tories had abandoned the British, preferring to curry favour with the new Asian entrepreneurs.

Many Asian shopkeepers deliberately broke the law in regard to actual opening hours and produce they sold, yet these businessmen were given a free hand to do as they pleased. At the same time white businesses had massive restrictions placed on them, and with the introduction of the Race Relations Acts, many traders were too afraid to criticise Asian shopkeepers through fear of being labelled `racist`. Many white businesses ended up closing because of unfair competition from Asian retailers, as well as supermarkets. This is why you will find few white businesses left today.

Millions of foreign workers have been enticed into Britain, where by grossly enlarging the workforce they have lowered wages, and pushed a countless number of Britons on to the dole queue. That this government is not concerned about this and cares only for illegal immigrants and asylum-seekers shows how it is their intention to bring native Britons down to the level of the poor in the third world. By making us poor and taking away our country, they are making us slaves to international finance. What anti-nationalists did to black Africans and South Americans before, they are now doing to us.

Multi-national corporations in conjunction with the World Bank gained control over many South American countries and then immediately broke their trade links with Europe. Once in control, the money men broke up native communities and saddled them with enormous IMF loans which, after a number of years struggling to pay off the debt, has left them starving and poverty-stricken. Debt and inefficiency have led to a situation in the Third World where people will slave for next to nothing just to get by. Many Britons must feel that life for them is heading the same way. All the while, international businessmen grow rich from their suffering. This is the plan for the whole world, and this is why the world political mafia want to destroy all nations. The formation of the EU is a major stepping stone towards an oppressive world government. International corporations also donate large amounts of money to the ruling political parties. This they do in order to get their placemen elected.

We do not choose our leaders. Voters are merely offered the choice of two individuals selected by the money lending fraternity. It makes no difference to government policy which party we pick. The only difference is the set of faces we see implementing them. George Bush was allowed to take up the Presidency, although he seemed not to have won the election. A greater power than the President obviously nodded the questionable decision through. Having seen how doggedly he has stuck to his must-have-a-war in-Iraq fanaticism, despite its unpopularity, shows how he working for the World Bank. People like George Bush, Tony Blair - and now Gordon Brown - are not really in charge of politics. Even if they were politically active for long enough, it would not be possible for politically-naive airheads like Tony Blair or Gordon Brown to devise such complex and long term strategies, required to bring about the domination of all nations. So-called leaders are simply like puppets on a string. They merely do as they are told by their string pullers. That outside influences govern `British` leader's decisions can clearly be seen in the way that the policies that are implemented, nearly always run counter to the national interest. Currently everything that Parliament does increasingly takes power away from the people, particularly in the way it continually expands free trade and globalisation. These acts of treachery have gone a long way towards destroying British businesses, both large and small.

* It was while under guidance from Lord Rothschild, that Edward Heath signed the Treaty of Rome and took Britain into the EEC. Heath did very well financially from an act that should have seen him hung; receiving £200,000 from just one German businessman.


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