Monday, 12 November 2007

Fuck off then Mr Singh..................

Grotesque Sarika Singh refuses to remove her Kara, a stone age pagan religious symbol.

A leading member of the Sikh community and a south Wales AM have spoken in support of a 14-year-old excluded from school for wearing a religious bangle.

Sarika Singh has been temporarily excluded after Aberdare Girls School said her bangle or Kara broke its code of conduct, aimed at ensuring equality.

The secretary of Sikh Federation UK said the Kara was an article of faith and the school was breaking the law. Leanne Wood AM said she was “surprised” by the school’s decision. Governors said they had made their decision after significant study of the legal background.

Sarika Singh was excluded for a day on Monday, and on Tuesday her mother said she was told she had been excluded for a fixed period.

Jagtar Singh from the Sikh Federation UK claimed the school was breaching the 1976 Race Relations Act.

Well Mr Singh, the answer is quite simple. If you have a problem with the decisions we make in our country regarding acceptable standards, fuck off back to your own country where there are none and take that hideous dog with you.

Have a laugh:

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Anonymous said...

She is half old fool.
Perhaps that explains her lack of beauty.

Colonel Buckshot said...

Ahhh, that would explain the odd fecal coloration, the bulls eyes and the fact that 'she' looks like a man would it?.

Q:Whats the difference between Sarika Singh and a Walrus?.

A: One is big fat ugly and smells of fish, the other is a Walrus.

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