Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Communist control of the Church

Captain Kenneth McKilliam, was a much-respected Christian lay reader. He was also an outstanding National Front member. As a pillar of virtue, it was natural he would at times come into conflict with people who are either anti-Christian or just plain evil. Much to the irritation of a group of communists, liberals and Anti-Christ Marxists, Kenneth McKilliam had been a Lay Reader in the Church of England for thirty years. When he became the NF prospective candidate for Ashford in Kent, a local un-Godly team set, about in earnest, having the Captain silenced in church.

The Lay Reader had for some time helped with Holy Communion at Boughton Lees Church in Kent. The Bishop of Maidstone, a man deemed to be a communist, complained at a meeting of bishops about comments on race made by Captain McKilliam. The National Front man had successfully beaten off an attempt by local Liberals to have him removed from his job as Secretary of the East Charing Deanery Church Synod. After this obvious victimization, the Captain gained much support from the local Christian community.

However, the Marxists and their fellow-travellers had gained such a strong grip on the Church of England they were not going to let the matter drop. Captain McKilliam sent a letter to the Vicar of Ashford and the Rural Dean of East Charing in which he backed-up his opposition to multi-racialism with passages from the bible which condemned race-mixing. Answering his critics through the Kentish Express newspaper, the Captain said "I do not hate anything that God has made. But to enforce race-mixing is to me a total sin. Many modern-day clergy do not know how to interpret the Bible. They are muddled and view everything from a Marxist perspective." Nevertheless, the lay reader did lose his job, and, as if in an act of defiance against the Christian English, the communist clergy had African bongo drum players heralding the beginning of the following Lambeth Conference.

Captain McKilliam complained that "These perfidious prelates are making themselves and the Church a laughing stock, and many of the clergy are terrified to speak out since their livelihoods are becoming more and more at the mercy of left-wing central commissars. At one time the parish priests had their glebe and gained their stipend from the parish; they could cock a snook at the bishops if they did not value preferment. Now their glebes have been taken away from them and their salaries are paid by the diocesan finance committees. This means they have to toe the line of the left-wing bishops."

Kenneth Mc Killiam was educated in Sydney, Australia, and in 1934 went to the University of Queensland. Two years later he attended London University where he obtained an Honours degree in psychology and sociology. As a volunteer soldier, he saw service in the Somalian Military Administration, and was later attached to the East African Command HQ. After the war he spent sixteen years in Africa as an Educational and Community Development Officer. This often entailed teaching young African pupils. He was active in Church and social work and was a licensed Reader in the dioceses of Mombassa, Namirembe, Upper Nile and Canterbury. The Captain also made extensive study tours of Asia, Africa and Australia. To say that Captain McKilliam was racist, implying that he didn't like people from other races, was plainly stupid. Just like any true nationalist he did not want to see his own race, or any other race for that matter, disappear through an artificial, programme of forced race-mixing by communists.


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