Friday, 30 November 2007

Behead those with teddies

Muslim groids going ape over Mo' da Bear.

As if these cave dwelling Neanderthals
can tell us anything about anything....

Gimme a fucking break.

Pip pip


Mr Edward Behr said...

This insult cannot be forgiven. The woman must be publicly shot or beheaded as an example to others.

I am the secretary of the International Union of Teddy Bears, Fluffy Bunnies, Cuddly Toys and allied operatives.

As you may be aware, our union has millions of members throughout the world and representatives in every child's bedroom.

A major part of our duties consists of sleeping with children in an entirely innocent and comforting manner. For over a century parents have had absolute trust that they could put us to bed with their sons and daughters and they would not be harmed.

Imagine therefore our horror when we found that this 'teacher' had so corrupted her students as to associate one of our members with history's most notorious pedophile.

Off with her head!!!!

- Mr Edward Behr

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Since you put it like that.......................


Pip pip

najistani said...


A reward of 100 billion Sudanese dinars (or five US dollars, which ever is the greater at the current exchange rate ) will be offered for the beheading of this vile creature which has escaped Islamic justice.

Upon being found guilty of defiling the name of Mohammed, by the crime of being called Mohammed, and sentenced to 400 lashes , the bear replied that he never wanted to be known as 'Mohammed' in the first place but preferred to be called 'Christopher'. The sentence was immediately increased to death for apostasy and insulting Islam.

Unfortunately the will of Allah was thwarted before the sentence could be carried out when the bear escaped, as a result of a raid by the combined forces of Mossad and the SAS (may Allah curse and damn these pigs and monkeys and then really lose his temper and bladder control and scream and roll around on the floor in a full scale tantrum and spreading pool of pee ).

The bear has since appeared in England as a British National Party mascot and has converted to Anglicanism.

Shaheeds - you know what Allah expects! Decapitate the apostate bear! And just think what you could buy with 100 billion Sudanese dinars - a camel, two goats, four wives - or best of all a really sexy little catamite!

Allah Akhbar!!!

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Following what happened over Muhammad the Bear in Sudan, Sooty has cancelled his tour of Jamaica.....

Pip pip