Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Where your Tax money goes

British taxpayers are being fleeced to the tune of at least £250,000 a week in benefit for migrants’ children who are not even living in Britain.

Official figures revealed that some 14,000 people are claiming child benefits for children in a variety of new EU member states across eastern Europe.

The benefit for a first child is £8.10 per week, rising to £12.10 a week for subsequent children. If each of the claimants had just one child, the total weekly cost would be £253,400. But it is likely to be the tip of the iceberg because figures on the scale of the separate child tax credits have not been released by the Government.

In total, more than 68,000 child benefit claims have been made by migrants arriving since Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia joined the EU in 2004.

Conservative Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Philip Hammond, who obtained the new figures in a Parliamentary written answer, said: “Two hundred thousand more British children are living in poverty than a year ago. So why is Gordon Brown sending thousands in benefits every week to children who don’t live here and who may never even have visited the UK?’’

Under EU rules, any citizen living in other member states – including Britons living abroad – is entitled to claim that nation’s welfare payments.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch UK, said the disparity in national economies meant British rates of child benefit could net someone more money than they could earn by working in their own country. “Someone with three children will draw more money here than he would earn on a minimum wage in Poland.”

In 2005, that was about £150 a month, he claimed. “It is hard to see why we should pay child benefit at British levels for children in a country with a much lower cost of living.”


If you doubt any of this come and meet my neighbours. I am the ONLY Englishman in my block of 8 apartments. All the other residents are Polish. There are several couples with babies just a few months old with neither parent working. Everything is brand new down to the baby clothes and satellite Tv system's. Their own parents live in the next street and have been here some time. First to arrive thereafter was the girl with the infant. She is then armed with all the relevent information by the parents and trots off to the DWP for the full gamut of benefits. When suitably ensconced and kitted out the male partner arrives some weeks later and repeats the scam. Now all live the life of Reilly at our expense. This is one example in tens of thousands of parasitic n'ere do well's scamming you over for your hard earned and these are the one's NOT sending the money back to their inbred cretinous relatives in Poland.

It really is time you woke the fuck up Englishman.

Song sung to the tune of The Adams Family:

His Sister is his Mother.
His Father is is Brother.
they all shag one another,
the Polish family.

Pip pip

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