Monday, 10 September 2007

Govt treats wounded service personnel like shit

The mother of Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson, who lost both legs when a bomb destroyed his Land Rover in Afghanistan in September 2006 has described the difficulties faced by the families of injured soldiers.

Diane Dernie, who has engaged lawyers to fight for a decent level of compensation for Ben after he was awarded just £152,510, lambasted not only the compensation but the isolation and financial strain suffered by families.

"His medical treatment has been wonderful," she said. "We had a very rough period when Ben had to go to Putney instead of [the specialist rehabilitation centre] Headley Court for six months. Ben was the only soldier there. The staff did a magnificent job but it was very difficult because Ben was isolated.

"At Putney it made such a difference when another boy came in. There was a huge improvement. It was extraordinary to see them – straight away they clasped each other's arms. The banter and camaraderie is everything. It was like he's back in the Army."

She said that many families are unable to spend time with their children because of financial constraints. "The expense for us has been beyond belief. It's not something we begrudge. I've been lucky as my work has continued to pay me. But so many parents have to leave their boys on their own to return to work. I had to stay with Ben and we're lucky that we could do that."

The 23 year old soldier from Doncaster suffered further injuries to his brain, skull, face, pelvis, vertebrae, spleen and chest reportedly make him one of the most seriously injured soldiers ever to survive and will need constant care for the rest of his life.

Our web site readers are encouraged to sign the online petition which calls on the Prime Minister to review the structure of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme so that badly injured soldiers are properly compensated for all injuries sustained.

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