Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Arse Tunnellers United kick orf..

Sodomite soccer.

The specimen at the front with the specs looks damned familiar.
Is that YOU Lcpl Glyn?. That jumper looks a bit websters.

At the opening ceremony, players from teams including London Leftovers and Dublin Devils and presumably the Sheffield Shit Stabbers were UP at the CRACK of dawn to parade a rainbow flag, the symbol of the gay community. In opening the tournament, Cesar Cigliutti, president of the Argentine Gay Community, said: "Thank you, not only for CUMMING, not only for playing football but also for your bravery. First AIDS will be on HAND to help with broken nails and scuffed knees and other such emergencies. Poofs from around the globe have travelled to play with each others balls in a public park (shurely shome mishtake) in Buenos Aires.

See you in the showers boys........... (don't bend down to pick up the soap)

Pip pip

Oh BTW, I was going to call this Arsetunnel Villa kick off but my daughter is an Aston Villa fan and she can be a real stroppy cow.

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