Sunday, 9 September 2007

A ray of hope ?. Nah didn't think so..

Always nice to receive an unexpected windfall especially from HM Inland Revenue. Seems I have been over taxed (yep) since 2004 and those impeccably honest folk at revenue and customs repaid me a nice chunk of wedge on Monday morning.

Friday evening my Landlord phoned to tell me his accountant had miscalculated my rent for the last six months and I owe several hundred quid. Bollox. Saturday afternoon (yesterday) I arrive home to a letter from the bank telling me some cunt in Liverpool, Kirby to be precise, has been using THREE credit cards in my name and my entire fortune is gone. Seems until their investigations are concluded and my money refunded (hopefully) I will have my arse hanging out for the next few weeks.

To those nice people at the tax office my heartfelt gratitude. You temporarily restored my faith in Human nature. As for the woolyback bastard in Kirby Liverpool, if I ever find out who you are wack, I will slot you and every member of you immediate family, rest assured.

Pip pip

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