Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Luke O'Farrell: Lunacy and Leftism

Always inspired reading this month's O'Farrell article is quite outstanding and is simply a 'must read'.

"A single racist insult is worse than a million deaths in the cause of equality. Whether they’ll admit it or not, that’s what countless leftists believe. After all, racism is the vilest of sins, but striving for equality is the highest of virtues. Deaths are just deaths, but insults are words – the most fundamental level of reality. That again is what countless leftists believe. They’re trained to believe it by the jobs they do. Politicians, academics and journalists are logocentric and their existence revolves around words. They don’t plow fields or build dams or invent machines: they produce vibrations in the air and marks on paper. Speeches, articles, two-volume interrogations of issues around unearned “White Privilege”, that’s what the logocentric community specialize in. And it corrupts them. I’ve recently been reading the “diaries” of Piers Morgan, an editor of downmarket British newspapers like the News of the World and the Mirror. The diaries aren’t pleasant, but they’re certainly interesting. Morgan wasn’t always fooled by the likes of Phony Tony".

Read the entire fascinating Luke O'Farrell article at:
The Heretical Press

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