Monday, 24 September 2007

Bomb blast in Kosovo capital

An explosion has rocked a shopping center in Pristina, the capital of Serbia's stolen Kosovo province. The explosion scattered glass and debris from a dozen shops on Pristina's Bill Clinton Boulevard yesterday. Part of a building collapsed. Sadly it has only killed two Albanians and injured 11.

Two people have now died said police spokesman Veton Elshani. He said 11 were being treated in hospital. The blast comes at a time of rising tension within Kosovo's 90% Albanian majority over its stalled bid for independence from Serbia.

The region has been run by UN arse tunnellers and patrolled by NATO mercs since 1999, when NATO bombs drove Serbian forces from their own soil to halt alleged 'atrocities' against ethnic Albanians in a two year war between Belgrade's troops and Albanian invasion forces aided by Algerian terrorist cells. Leaders of Serbia and Kosovo are due to hold direct negotiations on the territory's fate on Friday on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

Pristina has suffered small bomb attacks, sadly rarely fatal at times of political tension over the past three years as Albanian pressure for an end to their limbo status grows.

Mafia style tribal feuds are common in muslim annexed Kosovo. The UN backs the muslim invaders but Serbia's ally Russia has blocked Kosovo's statehood at the UN Security Council, forcing more negotiations. The talks began last month under the mediation of three envoys from the US, Russia and the European Union, trying to bridge the gap between Kosovo's demand for independence and Serbia's offer of broad autonomy.

They have to report back to the UN by December 10, when Washington says a decision on Kosovo's fate must be taken. Moscow rejects any deadline for a settlement, saying talks should continue until the two sides reach agreement. However, the West fears Albanian frustration could turn to more violence and ultimately involve Russian forces leading to a well deserved grubbing for UN forces and kick the Albanian invaders sorry arses out of Kosovo.

Leaders of Kosovo's two million 'ethnic Albanians' have threatened to declare independence with or without a UN resolution after the talks end. Kosovo Albanian Prime Minister Agim Ceku has said the Albanians could simply declare full independence instead of just fucking off back to Albania where they belong, if bargaining ends inconclusively. Serb Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica warned last week that any breakaway would seriously endanger stability and peace, not only in the Western Balkans, but elsewhere. The 27 member EU is split on whether to recognise Kosovo as a muslim state without UN approval.

Can we all look forward to the day when UN backed NATO forces assist the forced annexation of Kosovo North Yorkshire by muslim fundamentalists, Belgrade Bradford town hall is bombed from the air and RTS Yorkshire TV studios are the target of US cruise missiles?.

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The Green Arrow said...

Like yourself Colonel, I campaigned against the illegal war against Serbia and as you know try to keep the memory of it alive.

An excellent post. I hope, that one day we can make reparations for our governments actions.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week 22-26 October 2007

najistani said...

"It should be mentioned here that when Britain, Israel, the United States or any other country gets attacked by Muslims, this is always blamed by the media on past colonial history, occupation, aggressive foreign policy etc.

Well, Sweden doesn't have a colonial history, its political establishment is among the most anti-Israeli in Europe and Swedish media have always been critical of US policies. Muslim immigration to the country has created the worst rape wave in Scandinavian history (which was indirectly blamed on global warming by the nation's largest newspaper some weeks ago), and the authorities have more or less abandoned their third largest city, Malmö, to Muslim gangs.

In short: It is hardly humanly possible to appease and grovel for Muslims more than Sweden has done, yet for some strange reason, Muslims don't get less aggressive because of this. On the contrary. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned here somewhere? "


Anonymous said...

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