Wednesday, 12 September 2007


With British troops massing at the Iranian border and the US determined to attack Iran ASAP the dissolution of the Russian Parliament effectively gives Putin carté blanche for the next few weeks to do as he sees fit. Russia will back Iran if the US and coalition forces attack. The official reason of a pre-election re-shuffle of the Duma rings hollow if you consider the tension growing in the Middle East as the unprovoked attack on yet another non threatening sovereign Arab state draws ever closer. The rumour mill Stateside is awash will speculation regarding a forthcoming attack similar to the 911 attack being imminent with EL AL grounding all flights to and from New York for the week inclusive of Sept the 14th. Anything right now could propel the US and coalition into war with Iran and a grubbing to-boot.

Over 3000 British troops are being recalled to the UK from German NATO bases from where we still occupy Germany from 1945 (were you aware of that?) with no specific reasons given but sources suggest for pronto redeployment to the Middle East.

MOD article on UK NATO troop redeployment.

Be sure to stock up on Potassium Iodide and Oxytetracycline and check the seals/dates on your IPK kit. Sooner or later you may need it. You just never know.

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