Sunday, 16 September 2007

Beware rockfall ahead

It's been a good few years since we saw a 'run' on a financial institution in Britain, but we are seeing one right now in the Northern Rock debacle with savers and investors clamoring to withdraw their money from this rapidly sinking ship which is only being kept afloat by government (AKA taxpayers) money. Either way as a taxpayer or a depositor with Northern Rock you are about to receive a screwing to a greater or lesser extent, but one thing is certain. The people in suits will walk away with a grin on their faces what ever happens and the schmuck will be you.

The lobotomized masses continue their lives labouring under the delusion that the economy is bomb proof and everything in the garden is rosy wherein the truth of the matter is this country is effectively bankrupt and has been for years. We long since divested ourselves of the means of wealth production and self sufficiency. Our so called economy is sustained only by massive consumer credit. Our level of personal debt exceeds the gross national product of our nation.

What little we have left of any value should have been the inheritance to our posterity but it is instead being squandered on enemy aliens and deadbeats from the four corners of the globe, because we are told, we need them to keep our vibrant burgeoning economy going.

We have an artificial debt based economy coupled to a worthless FIAT money supply that flows in one direction so you tell me whats next..........

Pip pip

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