Sunday, 11 November 2007

Cheeky Bastard

Madmud Abdul Bunghole

WAR widows and MPs reacted angrily last night after a Muslim leader warned Britain was becoming like Nazi Germany. (This pig ignorant peon should read up on the facts surrounding islam and the Third Reich).

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari said perceptions of Muslims were so negative there was a danger that people’s minds would be “poisoned as they were in the Thirties”.

His comments, made on the eve of Remembrance Sunday, came as a Sunday Express poll showed the Conservatives surging into an eight-point lead over Labour on the back of public concern about immigration. Dr Bari, head of the Muslim Council of Britain, also called for Britain to adopt Islamic customs like arranged marriage and to ban the drinking of alcohol in public places.

If this Neanderthal moon worshipper doesn't like the way things are done in our country he should fuck off back to his own. He and his ilk are uninvited and unwelcome. A clean out is long overdue in this land.

Roll up roll up, read all 'abart it.

Pip pip

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najistani said...

"Many have accused the BNP of jumping on the band wagon, yet, where were all the so called main stream bloggers when the BNP where campaigning against Islam?

Charles Johnson, of LGF was blogging about bicycle racing, programming, web design.

And Robert Spencer did not kick off with Jihad Watch until exactly two years after the below Campaign poster was published

Where were all the other main stream anti-jihadists such as Pamela at Atlas Shrugs, Melanie Phillips, Michelle Malkin or Debbie Schlussel?

All the people above did not get active until after 9/11, including myself, whereas Nick Griffin and the BNP where campaigning before 9/11.

How many of the above showed any support for Griffin when he was standing trial and facing a 7 year jail term? Not many.....