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Gay parades are just one symptom of a sick and degenerate society

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NF Banner, at the Gay Parade..

In a mere sixty years Britain has gone from a moral country that ruled efficiently over the largest empire the world has ever seen, to something that resembles a ramshackle land of misfits, that can neither educate it's children, nor provide a satisfactory health service. The rapid demise of this once great nation did not take place by accident, or through unforeseen circumstances. It was brought about by a concerted effort by groups of fifth-columnists who were determined to make it that way. However, only through public apathy and gullibility was this made possible.

There are many British children whose young lives have been wrecked, through the glamorizing of a new unhealthy sub-culture - or more accurately anti-culture. Our own flesh and blood have been led-astray from long-established traditional ways - ways that had been devised over centuries, to secure our safety and wellbeing. In our modern politically-correct world it has become fashionable to pander to the needs of every foreigner, while leaving our own fellow countrymen to die at the feet of people who simply couldn't care about the British. The National Front does care that is why we give up so much of our time.

Returning to the issue of Gay Parades we find that it was not exactly the homosexual community themselves who have been responsible for the well organized street events. The exotic parades have been paid for and planned by government departments and big business. In the 1950s the Teddy Boy craze was referred to as the expression of the young. It was no such thing. Teddy boy clothes and other items appeared, at high prices, ready made in high street shops, while the music industry promoted everything to do with rock and roll. (That is not to say that teenagers of the time had not been enthusiastic followers of the fad, but without it being set up for them by big business it would not have happened.) The whole Teddy boy era arrived because it suited the music industry and those in power; it achieved for Parliament the first divide between the generations in history. No longer would long-established wisdom be passed on to the young. They would as a result become susceptible to whoever gained their attention.

Let us now look at the various GOVERNMENT departments and LARGE COMPANIES who sponsored the Manchester "Gay Parade" and without whose help it would not have taken place. Firstly we see members of the police force bringing disgrace to their uniform, as they march past promoting an issue which has nothing to do with law enforcement. Police are supposed to be non-political and unbiased, but here they are promoting an extreme left-wing agenda, that is anti-social, anti-British and anti-Christian. The high profile part played by the police force in every gay parade, could not have been achieved if it did not have endorsement from the highest level, i.e. The Home Office. The fire service workforce is manipulated by a small number of hard line communists, who receive the full backing of their local council. No longer feeling the need to reflect decent family values, Manchester City Council helped promote the event.

What has the NHS got to do with the unhygienic and perverse actions of homosexuals? With the state our hospitals are in, you would have thought that the promotion of homosexuality would have been the last thing on NHS worker's minds. If you look at the pink banner on the back of the NHS sponsored float we see it is asking, "What is Health"? This question is being asked by hospital workers on whom the public for treatment, no wonder the sick feel uneasy about being admitted to hospital. The Royal College of Nursing also had a promotional float. The quality of nursing suffered its first setback in 1983, when hundreds of white skilled British nurses were told they no longer had a contract to work for the NHS, and that girls from the Far East were being brought in to do their jobs at a lower wage. Profit before safety and efficiency is clearly the motive behind most NHS Trust decisions, and is surely a recipe for disaster.

HM Prison Service, are a criminal friendly public body. They used their float to promote race-mixing, see the essential white girl partnered by a black boy. One yellow poster informs us that "not everything they do is in uniform." Which would indicate that their minds are not always on the jobs they are paid to do. There needs to be a full investigation of the HM Prison Service - but not by HM government. Prisons are in an appaling state, some are like holiday camps. Many dangerous criminals have been let out after serving only a ridiculously short part of their sentence, while drugs are so widely available that some prisoners have escaped, considering it the only way to avoid become an addict. Manchester Art Gallery perv float advertised a KYLIE exhibition. Public art galleries and the inane, media celebrity- circus have done much to addle the brain of many naive and easily impressionable teenagers. If you look carefully you will see that this float is also sponsored by Evian water. If you write evian backwards you will see it reads naive, which clearly the organisers of the gay event think the public are.

Britain once led the world in invention, we supplied many parts of the world with all kinds of manufactured goods. On the float of the Museum of Science and Industry, there is a female figure dressed in the style of the 1800s and a crude copy of a Dalek. Is that really the level they perceive British science and industry has been reduced to?

The reason every public body has become imefficient is that all staff now, must exclusively be either socialists, immigrants, homosexuals or Freemasons. No longer is experience or ability to do the job taken into consideration. The recently introduced so-called qualification of "diversity" has given employers the right to turn down any white Briton who applies for work.

The subversion of our youth and attack upon our nation comes from three directions. Firstly from the government. They like to pretend that the rapid demise of our country is beyond their control and that they have done their best under difficult circumstances. This is clearly untrue. Plans to bring about the downfall of the British ( in fact all white European countries) were set in motion nearly 130 years ago. Every Prime Minister and member of his cabinet knows it, and has to agree to implement whatever nation-wrecking policies are placed before them. That is a condition of being hired as a front-man by the secret government.Parliament is backed up in its nation wrecking activities by left-wing, student street activists, who press for whatever retrograde changes are required - such as - more immigration, decriminalising of drug abusers, abortion on demand, legalising of gay sex in public places, lowering of age for consent to sex etc etc.

The third level of public control comes through banking and big business. They always support government, and once a "profit before all else" ideology enters politics you know the public are going to lose out. If you look at the faces of the onlookers lining the street you will see that they are in the main smiling and supportive of the "Gay Parades." By being this way they are encouraging homosexuals and lesbians to perpetuate their unhealthy and tortured lifestyles. Continually relying on quick fixes for a kick, whether it be by way of drugs, alcohol or brief sexual encounters with strangers in public toilets, shows that there is something essential missing from their lives. We now live in, what is for many, a dysfunctional society. The only way to get out of the mire, is by removing the power to set the agenda from those who currently have it. That means at the general election nobody should vote Labour, Liberal or Conservative, for it is through these parties that our troubles have come.

We desperately need to rescue the young for they are our future. It is not fair to leave them to cope with the insane sub-culture that engulfs them. A sub culture where the abnormal and unacceptable is accepted as a genuine alternative, and physical self-destruction becomes part of daily routine. Looking at everything through a haze of dope, so that nothing makes sense, is a way of escaping the reality of life, but it isn't living, and is a certain way to an early death. This is the legacy that the nice Labour, Liberal and Conservative voters condemned them to.

Not yet convinced? Well read on. The message boards at Manchester claimed " that a quarter of them suffer from alcohol or drug addiction and that many have tried to commit suicide ". ( so where does the GAY come in?) Other paraders in Manchester displayed the message "HIV no crime, no shame, no blame." We presume the lack of fear they show for this often fatal disease is down to a lack of interest in living. HIV is known as "the gay plague" due to the way it rapidly spreads through the gay community.

Note how the word "Queer" which has been labelled a term of abuse when used by the general public, is deemed acceptable when used by gays themselves. " Clap For the Gays," was an attempt by them to play down the risk of contracting diseases while having many casual and unorthodox sexual encounters with strangers. See how once again the gay event is used to promote further immigration. Here they are trying to persuade the public to accept more African undesirables into Britain. The pink triangular message boards read " Homophobia kills in Jamaica, Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, UK." ( if it isn't safe for gays in the UK, why should they come here?) The red triangle has the slogan, Give gay and lesbian refugees asylum now. Another means of getting the general public to unwittingly promote homosexuality, is by getting ordinary families to foster gays and lesbians, thus bringing normal heterosexual families into the sick and dysfunctional network.

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